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New Song Release: “F**k the Haters Anthem”

by on Aug.06, 2011, under Music News

Here is my latest song release, “F**k the Haters Anthem,” the first single off my upcoming project.

J-Xile – F**k the Haters Anthem

J-Xile – F the Haters Anthem (Clean)

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Click through for the lyrics to the song, thanks for listening.

Fuck the Hater’s Anthem
Jaime Landers
(C) Copyright 2011 J Land Entertainment

Fuck the haters anthem
You know what to do
If you got some haters throw it up
If you got some haters
You know what to do
Throw the middle finger up
And say FUCK YOU

Verse 1:
All theses haters hatin, cuz they aint got nathan
Sayin they spraying things that’s better than the words I’m layin
Face it you hate that you can’t even come close to me
No way no how can’t freesyle write or lace the beats
Don’t Speak like No Doubt I’m holidn it down gotta rep this proud
For everybody that’s got some haters turn this up and bump this loud
And throw the middle finger up and say FUCK YOU
You player haters really aint shit but some envious chumps and mark ass dudes
When I come through gotta hit em all up with this new trunk funk
When I dump on you punks with sum that’ll make your heart no longer thump
Or pump no blood cuz ya aint got love just heart of envy
To my face your friendy but behind my back another fake ass enemy
And I’m just begining while your ending I’m on the rise eyes on the prize
No surprise the p-h’er’s the type that’s most despised
In my eyes can’t take me of my path of righteousness
Didn’t your momma teach you any better nothin nice to say better bite your lips


Verse 2:
They hate me cuz they aint me wanna replace me
They too scared to face me so messages replacing
You hating my comeup but won’t runup you’ll get done up
To sum up I’m somewhat not the one to even try to fuck with
Bustin my words rushin in touchin haters leaving em gushen something
Your nothin quit frontin I’m hater huntin best be hushin
When Im speakin leavin em leakin eking into the devil’s reaches
I’m here to defeat the evilist leeches reachin to eat this
still cant see us they speechless while I’m preechin this real game
But me I will still pray that love will replace hate
And that you will be blessed by the highest Can’t fight this
But try it the light is exposing liers and all they’re hatred
It’s sacred like when man first knew he was naked for taken
Satan’s advice he’s had our hearts in a vice and we’ve believed his lies
But in my eyes I see a brighter day another way just think
If you replaced the hate with love I wouldn’t have to say


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